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  • Solemnly engineerDatabase architect

    Big data、The cloud architect,Worked in Chinese academy of sciences, shenzhen institute of advanced technology,The mechanical design and research institute in China,Engaged in tianhe-IISuper computer related work。With rich experience in project development and implementation。

  • FuYongLei engineerSoftware development engineer

    Ten years of experience in software development,Minimally invasive software worked at Shanghai、Guangdong radio and television companies, etc,The system architecture、The data structure、Master database are system,Familiar with the front-end technology。With rich experience in project development and implementation。

  • Great engineersWEBThe front-end designers

    WEBThe front-end designers,Project experience,Actual combat ability, There are abundantWEBThe front-end development experience, The project structure and product display has its own unique understanding

  • Sun beat designerUIDesigner

    The user experience、Interaction designers,With rich experience in Internet product design,Responsible for the company's software interface design for projects、Mobile terminal product interface design、Website interface design、The company brochure design, etc。

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